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LifeTies, Inc.
Trenton, NJ, USA

Posted April 24th

Tech Systems Call

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I am seeking advice on what tech systems I need for a virtual fundraiser, I need a free or inexpensive platform to sell silent auction items and ability to accept larger event donations.
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We would like to convert our annual fundraiser to 30 minute virtual event, with prerecorded and live components. We need advice on easiest platform to use for making the short videos as well as technology to sell silent auction items and respond to our big "ask" at the event. We will be asking for gifts $500 and up and would like them to do this through online platform. What are good platforms and affordable for a smaller non-profit?

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LifeTies, Inc.
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Lori M.

Executive Director

Our Mission

Founded in 1982, it is the mission of LifeTies, Inc. to nurture wellness and self-sufficiency in vulnerable youth, young adults and their families.

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