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Herbert Q.

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Sunrise County Economic Council
Machias, ME, USA
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Sunrise County Economic Council
Machias, ME, USA


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Posted April 2nd

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I'd like to talk about SCEC's project (Machias Valley Center for Entrepreneurship). I am the newly appointed Director charged with creating the budget (ABB) and need assistance with where to start.

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About The Org

Sunrise County Economic Council
Posted by
Denise C.

Entrepreneurship Program Director

Our Mission

The Sunrise County Economic Council initiates and facilitates the creation of jobs and prosperity in Washington County, Maine, by working with a consortium of community-minded businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities and citizens.

What We Do

SCEC was founded in 1993 by a group of business and community leaders and actively promotes a grassroots approach to economic and community development. By seeking common ground, working across traditional political, municipal and economic boundaries, the Council is working with Washington County residents to build a brighter future.


Herbert's expertise and calming demeanor were a breath of fresh air. Having only been a Program Director for 4 months and having never created an activity based budget, I was scrambling a bit...or a lot! The ABB template that Herbert put together made all the difference. I plugged in a few pieces of info, discussed the budget with my Executive Director, and we were off to the races! Herbert saved me so much time and anxiety.
Denise Cilley
Denise C.

Entrepreneurship Program Director

Finance Phone Call

Denise was great to work with over the phone. She was very organized and was able to provide concise, yet detailed information about the new entrepreneurship center and its numerous services. This allowed me to understand the project's key drivers and assumptions, and to give her clear guidance on constructing an activity-based budget. Denise also shared well-thought-out preparatory materials which were super helpful in facilitating our discussion. Denise had a very friendly demeanor and was a pleasure with whom to speak. I'm sure she will be great at leading the finance function for the new center.
Herbert Quan
Herbert Q.


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