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Case Study Writing

Help Independent International Legal Advocates tell an incredible story of their impact with a case study that can be used on their website, in marketing materials, or in their annual report.

Posted February 10th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • A 500 - 1,000 word ready-to-publish case study that details your Organization’s impact in a compelling narrative
Additional Details

IILA is crafting a range of cases for support, and tying the stories of the impact on international law on real people's lives is the challenge we need support for.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have the case for support and Year End 2019 review, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have a lot of tangible real stories and dedicated branding, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $3,002 , allowing us to support Pacific Island countries on human rights law trainings.

The narratives for the Case for Support will transform our communications with a range of key stakeholders - from donors to developing States to donor States - and make our mission come to life.

Project Plan

Prep: Information Sharing
  • Volunteer Manager shares existing materials, if available, for case study (e.g., recorded interviews with beneficiaries, testimonials from stakeholders, and notable program achievement data)
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss target audience for case study
(Optional) Milestone 1: Interviews
  • Volunteer Manager connects Professional with up to 2 stakeholders, to interview for case study content
  • Professional transcribes interviews and shares with Volunteer Manager for posterity
Milestone 2: Case Study Writing
  • Professional creates first draft of case study, including executive summary, outline of key challenges, how Organization supported those challenges, and description of results
  • Volunteer Manager provides feedback on case study, which Professional incorporates
  • Professional delivers final draft of case study
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About The Org

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Global Fairness Through Global Law

Our Mission

IILA acts as pro bono in-house counsel for developing States on vital areas of international law matters - from human rights to trade to the environment to working on the borders of land and sea. IILA gives the voices and goals of these peoples the tangible benefits that international law can bring.

What We Do

IILA is a non-governmental organization founded to increase the capacity of public international law departments of our Clients, primarily of developing States, to participate in the growing and vitally important field of public international law.

At its core, IILA acts as supplemental "in-house counsel" for those States needing support in the expanding and vitally important field of public international law. Through the work of our legal advisers and our network of affiliated experts IILA builds capacity for our Clients.

IILA's Clients must address a wide range of topics within public international law. The key to IILA's capacity building activities is in providing our Clients with a range of integrated and holistic training, research and advice - but all undertaken from the unique vantage point of "in-house counsel".