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Help American Cancer Society - Supply Chain/Sourcing conduct research on a particular topic or question.
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Project Details

What We Need
  • A compilation of research on a specific topic (e.g. industry best practices, literature review, media contacts, industry trends, etc.) including a list of sources
  • Recommendations on areas for further exploration/research
Additional Details

Ignore the What We Need above. Using the list of suppliers I provide, the volunteer will make the initial contact via web portal or email to obtain an RFP contact. After the supplier(s) respond, the volunteer would send them an MNDA to complete and send back to ACS, then schedule an intro meeting with me so I may walk them through our sourcing process and timeline. Last, I would like each supplier's pricing methodology in a report to assist in the creation of a price sheet.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have a list of potential suppliers to contact, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have a Sourcing Category Manager assigned, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $5,239 , allowing us to ,for example, provide 30 more overnight stays at one of our Hope Lodges or hotel partners for cancer patients receiving treatment and their caregivers, among other programs and services.

Data enrichment suppliers update, sort and analyze lists of their client's consumer and business contacts to increase the likelihood of generating new leads. These lists can include information such as prospect names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses and demographics. Data enrichment will ultimately help ACS with our fundraising goals.

Project Plan

Prep: Information Gathering
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss specific topic(s) of interest, research objectives and information needs, as well as preferred sources/databases (if any)
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional create research questions and agree on key terms
Milestone 1: Preliminary Research Outline
  • Professional conducts preliminary online research and creates an outline
  • Professional shares outline with Volunteer Manager for feedback
Milestone 2: Research and Analysis
  • Professional conducts online research and analyzes information
  • Professional drafts a research report and creates a list of sources
  • Volunteer Manager provides feedback, which Professional incorporates
  • Professional conducts an additional round of research (if necessary)
Milestone 3: Report Findings
  • Professional delivers research and shares findings with Volunteer Manager
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