Help Northern Virginia Veterans Association bring marketing materials to life with a compelling visual or a custom illustration that conveys the defining characteristics of their organization.
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Project Details

What We Need
  • A high-resolution digital version of an illustration that can be used across multiple channels (web, print, and/or merchandising)
Additional Details

I'm building a brochure and presentation that needs to convey the multiple and complex needs of the veteran we care for and case manage. And convey how we coordinate with multiple partner. This takes place over long periods of time and requires many hours.
I want to depict graphically what this looks like in order to show the community and donors why our mission is critical to the health, welfare and quality of life of our veterans and families.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have concept, language, veteran pictures, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have veteran quality of life cycle graphic to bounce off of, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $4,212 , allowing us to help pay support services case managers who care for our veterans

It is the main marketing and outreach piece for our 2020 strategic plan which aligns with our strategic budget.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • Volunteer Manager sends Professional existing branding or marketing materials
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with relevant background information on the Organization, mission, and core values
Milestone 1: Brainstorm
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager meet to discuss goals, target audience, and how the illustration will be utilized
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional align expectations for the initial drawings and agree upon a timeline
Milestone 2: Preliminary Sketching
  • Professional drafts and presents three concepts for the Organization’s illustration
  • Volunteer Manager chooses a favorite concept and provides up to two rounds of feedback, which the Professional uses to refine the Illustration
Milestone 3: Presentation of Deliverables
  • Professional delivers a final version of the Illustration in digital form
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About The Org

Our Mission

The mission is three-fold:
1) We guide those in need through our comprehensive network of local resources including: Reintegration, Healthcare, Family & Caregiver Support, Fitness/The Arts/Recreation, Employment, Education, Finance and others.

2) We are the local proactive Veteran/Military association attracting leaders and community partners who collaborate and provide information on their mission/initiatives while offering insight on needs and solutions yielding rapid, efficient effective results.

3) We are a rally point for Veterans/military/supporters to team up and support other veterans through ours and others initiatives, outreach, training & volunteer opportunities.

What We Do

We have a distinct and fundamental mission that focuses on taking care of our most vulnerable veterans her in Virginia using trusted partner services. We support those in need through our comprehensie network of local resources including: healthcare, family & caregiver support, fitness/arts/recreation, employment, education, finance, reintegration and others.

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