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Vishal G.

Tech Systems Call

Help CANGRESS dba LA CAN by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their technical system needs.
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Posted October 3rd

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I'd like strategic advice on the best way to activate the Mobile App Prototyping project in our small non-profit organization before we sign up for it (incl expectations beyond what's listed).
"Phone Calls" are 1 hour, one-time calls with an organization. Learn the difference between volunteering on a Phone Call and a Project here.

About The Org

Our Mission

The mission of the Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN) is to help people dealing with poverty create & discover opportunities while serving as a vehicle to ensure we have voice, power & opinion in the decisions that are directly affecting us.


Vishal was a really good listener, reassuring us every step of the way in basically unchartered territory for us. He immediately identified ways we could save money and made sure we were 100% certain we could articulate the reason for wanting to develop an app. Thanks Vishal and hope we get to work together.
Todd Cunningham
Todd C.

Community Organizer

Tech Systems Phone Call

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