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21st Century School Fund
Washington, DC, USA

Posted October 3rd

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I'd like to get advice on how to revamp our budget so that we can put it in Quickbooks.
Additional Context

We keep the organizational budget in a complex excel spreadsheet and use QBs software for accounting. Our non profit has a quite a few "program areas" aka "classes" to help us keep track of profit and loss. We feel like some of these program areas can be cut which could make our budget a bit more simple and thereby able to record in QBs. The way things are currently we are unable to create budget vs actual reports. Which is one of the main reports asked for by foundations.

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About The Org

Our Mission

Build public will and governmental capacity for modern and equitable PK-12 public school facilities that support high quality education and community revitalization.

What We Do

* Listen to stakeholders
* Collect and analyze data
* Research PK12 public school facilities & their impacts
* Develop model policies
* Test new practices
* Invent technology tools
* Provide technical assistance
* Share data, analysis & insights
* Advocate for reforms
* Share funding

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