Website Visual Design

Help Programs for Parents capture attention and inspire action with beautiful visual design that gives emotional resonance to the written content on their new or existing website.
Programs for Parents
Newark, NJ, USA

Posted September 6th

Project Details

What We Need
  • A visual redesign of the Organization's website
  • Design direction based on Organization's desired branding and style preferences
  • Mock-ups of key site pages
  • Commitment to 2 phone calls with a developer to guide initial front-end coding work
Additional Details

Our website is actually not too bad, but it has a lot of information and is not the most user friendly. We are looking for someone to redesign the look and feel of the website using the content that we already have.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have an IT Director and team, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have Analytics to show what is and is not working, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $9,186 , allowing us to put more money into promoting our organization and to help server the under-served population with whom we work.

People generally know about us and what we do through word of mouth. We do use google ads and Facebook ads to drive traffic to our site, but our site needs to be more user friendly to allow people to get the information that they need quickly.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • For new websites, Volunteer Manager shares Sitemap, wireframes, content or interaction flowcharts
  • Volunteer Manager shares logo & brand guidelines
Milestone 1: Analysis of Materials & Brainstorm
  • Professional connects with Volunteer Manager to discuss the goals for the design, brainstorm initial ideas and align expectations for the project
Milestone 2: Initial Design
  • Professional creates a mock-up design based on the wireframes, content and ideas discussed in the initial meeting
  • Volunteer Manager reviews mock-ups and provides feedback (2-3 rounds), which the Professional incorporates into design revisions
Milestone 3: Finalize Design
  • Professional delivers a final visual design with style guide and design notes for the Volunteer Manager's approval
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About The Org

Posted by
Philip G.

Director of Information Technology

Our Mission

Programs for Parents is a non-profit organization that works to ensure that children get the best possible start in life. It does so by supporting children, families and child care providers in Essex County through advocacy and action, providing education and referrals, sharing best practices and helping families access available financial resources.

What We Do

Programs for Parents (PFP) is a Child Care Resource and Referral agency that serves Essex County. While Essex is its primary hub, PFP provides services in six other northern counties as well through local partnerships. The agency is well known across the state as one that is innovative and visionary in its efforts to design, implement and sustain programs that support families, children, and the child care community. 2019 is a milestone year, as the agency is celebrating its 35th anniversary. There are six priorities that PFP will strategically focus on over the few years.
1) Enhance the agency's marketing and branding approach, utilizing social media and other platforms.
* PFP does a satisfactory job marketing through social media, google ads and website postings. The agency could benefit from having a systematic approach to the marketing that we do, creating a consistent brand look and measuring its effectiveness.
2) Engage and partner with the business sector to champion and support the greater early education/child care community.
* Early education is everybody's business. However, New Jersey lags behind other states where the business sector is championing the R.O.I. and the business benefits to ensuring high quality child care is available to the community and the business sector.
3) Educate and increase the number of early education professionals in the workforce.
* The early education workforce is stressed more now than ever before. Governor Murphy has allocated additional funds to support preschool expansion in a number of school districts across the state. In doing so, there aren't enough trained and skilled individuals to fill those positions. PfP is positioned to address this dilemma. Currently over 200 individuals receive nationally credentialed training through the agency.
4) Ensure that staff are highly qualified to serve by ensuring expert professional development that support best practices
* The agency seeks to position itself for greatness through a continuous quality improvement framework. There are limited funds to support on-going professional development, implement best practices, and engage high quality activities that support staff growth and development.
5) Establish a nationally recognized model for family engagement.
* PFP seeks to memorialize its role in establishing best practices that support family engagement in New Jersey and nationally.
6) Lead the New Jersey effort in developing a Shared Services statewide system for child care providers.
* PFP initiated the first shared services alliance in the state. National recognition and private support continues to support this project. PFP is strategically focused on growing this project, to serve as a clearinghouse or hub for additional counties and identifying sustainable funding.

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