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Matched with
Jennifer P.

Market Analysis

Help Center for Literacy gain a thorough understanding of the community and beneficiaries they serve, and how similar organizations and programs are working.
Center for Literacy
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Posted June 7th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • A written analysis of the Organization's position in the community it serves and its ability to address identified needs/problems for its beneficiaries
  • A summary of the Organization's strengths and weaknesses related to its program goals
  • A summary of competitors or potential collaborators
  • An appendix of all data gathered to perform analysis, including sources
Additional Details

We seek help to develop an effective marketing strategy for our organization. We would like the product to be a compelling case statement that includes an environment scan, a statement of our differential advantage (what makes us uniquely qualified to succeed at the work we do), a summary of our programs and initiatives, and a strategy for achieving outcomes.

What We Have In Place
  • A board-led strategy committee recently developed three strategic goals and corresponding key objectives to reduce our expenses, increase our revenue and build a strong foundation for Center for Literacy. A Wharton Fellow also developed a Logic Model based on the goals and objectives. We have a recent two-pager that contains an overview, history, programs, activities and achievements; and a write-up on how we do program evaluation and track outcomes.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $10,948 , allowing us to use the knowledge gained from this project to help us fundraise.

We are now carrying the cost of overhead built for a larger program & different government regulations. Over the past year we have successfully integrated new programmatic elements that are doing well & recently found a new location that will save us money. But we need help articulating to potential partners, donors & funders why our organization is uniquely positioned to address the problem that 40% of adults in Philadelphia have "low literacy," and are struggling with basic reading.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • Volunteer Manager delivers all available data on customer/beneficiary base
Milestone 1: Market Size and Growth
  • Professional works with Volunteer Manager to identify the target customer/beneficiary
  • Professional outlines total addressable market based on current “sales” and 3rd party sources to gather potential market numbers
  • Based on current trends, Professional forecasts market growth rate
Milestone 2: Market Segmentation
  • Professional segments target addressable market based on most relevant factors, i.e. geographic, psychographic, behavioristic, etc.
Milestone 3: Competitive Analysis
  • Professional identifies all potential competitors
  • Professional outlines strengths and weaknesses of all competitors as compared to Organization
Milestone 4: Presentation of Findings
  • Professional delivers document outlining all findings
  • Q&A session
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About The Org

Posted by
Robin R.

Volunteer Manager

Our Mission

To unleash the power of literacy to improve lives.

What We Do

Philadelphia has more residents living in poverty, 28 percent, than any other major city besides Detroit. For a family of four, this means living on an annual income of less than $23,050.

Poverty can be directly linked to an individual’s education level. Over 200,000 adults in Philadelphia do not have a high school diploma, and many more do not have the reading, writing, math, or computer skills they need to compete for a job that pays a sustainable wage.

Center for Literacy addresses the issue of poverty and low education levels by providing free education services to adults in Philadelphia. Last year, over 30 teachers from the Center for Literacy were in classrooms at nearly 20 locations throughout the city, teaching over 1,500 students the skills they will need to enter the workforce or postsecondary education.

Currently, to best serve our community, Center for Literacy offers classes in adult basic education, English as a second language, preparation for the GED® test, and family literacy. Center for Literacy also partners with nonprofits in Philadelphia to deliver programs to other vulnerable populations, like out-of-school youth, ex-offenders, and non-custodial parents.

With free educational services from Center for Literacy and its partners, students become more apt to acquire and retain jobs, progress to postsecondary education and training programs, lift themselves out of poverty, reduce health costs, and take better care of their families.


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The Center for Literacy is an impressive organization making a real difference in Philadelphia. I hope my project was helpful to their cause.
Jennifer Porter
Jennifer P.


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