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Strategic Plan

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Project Details

What We Need
  • Analysis of the Organization’s current needs, long-term goals, programs, competitive standing and resources
  • Recommendations for an appropriate course of action to reach the desired objectives, including allocation of resources and how to measure success
  • Plan outlining the resources and steps required to reach short- and long-term goals
Additional Details

The deliverables will include: 1) A 5-year strategic plan that addresses the above points, as well as any other relevant issues that arise during the process; and 2) Concrete, tactical annual plans, which include timelines, responsibilities, etc., based on our infrastructure, resources, and milestones.

The volunteer will work with HFC's 7-member Board and 5-member senior leadership team. It will conduct at least one full-day Board retreat and one staff retreat to occur at roughly the same time.

What We Have In Place
  • HFC has conducted some analyses of its institutional operations and the community's landscape, which we will share with the selected volunteer consultant/firm. The volunteer consultant/firm will inventory the available community needs assessment information for the plan, and will help to identify what additional information and data are missing.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $12,550 , allowing us to devote those dollars to direct service for our clients.

In 2015, HFC engaged in planning for its three-year strategic plan. This plan was implemented in 2016 and expires 12/31/19. This year, we will be creating an updated five-year plan to respond to the current and changing landscape of our community. In the process, we will set priorities and arrive at a shared vision that will lead to future success. We also look to incorporate development and advocacy into our service delivery approach.

Project Plan

Prep: Current Materials
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with outline detailing current standing, strengths, weaknesses and competition, mission statement and vision, and overview of current strategies
Milestone 1: Analysis
  • Professional analyzes prep materials
  • Professional brainstorms with Volunteer Manager to better understand services, programs, activities, staffing and finances
  • Professional explores possibilities for new efforts, identifies opportunities, determines where change is possible and adjusts plans
Milestone 2: Recommendations
  • Professional refines the Organization’s mission, vision and values (if necessary)
  • Professional proposes strategic goals and objectives with tactics to reach those goals
  • Professional provides evidence of success of the proposed strategies and ways to measure the outcomes
  • Volunteer Manager provides feedback to Professional's proposals
Milestone 3: Delivery of Plan
  • Professional delivers a strategic plan outlining implementation of recommendations
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About The Org

Our Mission

To provide the community with a broad range of culturally relevant social services and advocacy programs that promote and encourage empowerment and self-sufficiency.

What We Do

Throughout its 40 year history, Hispanic Family Center has met the emerging needs of Southern New Jersey's residents with a particular commitment to serve the Hispanic population living in the region. What started out as a grassroots advocacy organization delivering behavioral health services has become a comprehensive human services entity.

The growth of the organization from a behavioral health provider to a flagship multi-service system that impacts the lives of residents across Southern New Jersey is reflected in HFC's vision statement. "Through its comprehensive programs and services," HFC "will address the immediate needs (physical, mental, social, economic and political) of the residents of Southern New Jersey, as well as establish itself as an instrument of change and a voice of power for the clients it serves and represents." HFC is an experienced nonprofit, with three locations in Camden and one in Gloucester County, serving nearly 10,000 clients annually through a diverse portfolio of program offerings for various populations.

HFC's experience includes: improving health conditions through counseling and health education and prevention services; delivering highly effective adult education (ESL and Civics), job training and workforce development services; advocating for and strengthening children and families; and, providing energy assistance to low income populations. In addition HFC has maintained a strong presence in the Latino community.

With a capable staff, strong leadership from the Board of Directors and Executive Director, HFC operates the largest Hispanic human services organization in Southern New Jersey.


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Admirable mission! Very kind and caring employees. A lot of oversight and guidance to complete the project, removing ambiguity.
Crystal Jones Taylor
Crystal J.

Principal Consultant