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Matched with Coya C
Matched with
Coya C.

Human Resources Call

for  Ed Fund
Richmond, CA, USA
Posted by
Jasmine J.

Executive Director

Posted Date
Apr 18, 2019
Virtual volunteer opportunity
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Human Resources Call

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I am a new ED and new to my organization. I'd like strategic advice on how to work with the Finance/HR manager on changing or strengthening our current HR systems.
Additional Context

The current Finance/HR manager has been at the organization for years and holds a lot of institutional knowledge. I do not feel like I have a handle on our HR stuff, especially as it relates to approving timecards/payroll. I also do not like the current set-up of administering our benefits. We run a pretty complex non-profit organization (25+ fiscal projects, employer of record, district insurance, etc.) I am trying to figure out ways to work with the current staff person to change things but I have not been successful.

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When communities work together to eliminate inequities, our youth will thrive. The West Contra Costa Public Education Fund mobilizes resources for our students and aligns the efforts of our partners to ensure that all students succeed in college, career, and life.


Coya was really great to work with. I felt comfortable and was able to share very confidential information with her. She also gave me very tangible advice that I could implement immediately.
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine J.

Executive Director

Human Resources Phone Call

Jasmine was a joy to talk to. She was able to give background information and also share some insights about herself. She is passionate about her work, and she wants her organization to succeed.
Coya Castro, MSIOP, MNA, MHRM, CNP
Coya C.


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