Strategic Plan

Project Details

What We Need
  • Analysis of the Organization’s current needs, long-term goals, programs, competitive standing and resources
  • Recommendations for an appropriate course of action to reach the desired objectives, including allocation of resources and how to measure success
  • Plan outlining the resources and steps required to reach short- and long-term goals
What We Have In Place
  • Our company was founded 15 years ago based on a focused mission to which we remain true - "to produce contemporary provocative plays from Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales that reflect those cultures' new identities in today's world.'"
    We currently have a 3-year Strategic Plan developed in 2017 for 2018-2020. This is a good starting-off point for our next Strategic Plan which we would like to be a five-year plan. We also have an Audience Analysis which was prepared in 2018.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $12,550 , allowing us to put these funds into marketing and advertising to grow our audience.

We need to evaluate where we are as an organization at this point, look at our goals. Are we on track to achieve the goals of our current Strategic Plan, do we need to reset or tweak our goals?

Project Plan

Prep: Current Materials
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with outline detailing current standing, strengths, weaknesses and competition, mission statement and vision, and overview of current strategies
Milestone 1: Analysis
  • Professional analyzes prep materials
  • Professional brainstorms with Volunteer Manager to better understand services, programs, activities, staffing and finances
  • Professional explores possibilities for new efforts, identifies opportunities, determines where change is possible and adjusts plans
Milestone 2: Recommendations
  • Professional refines the Organization’s mission, vision and values (if necessary)
  • Professional proposes strategic goals and objectives with tactics to reach those goals
  • Professional provides evidence of success of the proposed strategies and ways to measure the outcomes
  • Volunteer Manager provides feedback to Professional's proposals
Milestone 3: Delivery of Plan
  • Professional delivers a strategic plan outlining implementation of recommendations
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About The Org

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Patricia T.

Development Associate

Our Mission

Inis Nua Theatre Company's mission is to produce contemporary, provocative plays from Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales which reflect those cultures in today's world. Translated from the Irish language, Inis Nua means "new island."

What We Do

Inis Nua produces a three-show mainstage season with each show running for three weeks and 15 performances. Our mainstage plays highlight the best in contemporary Irish and British theatre. Each play includes two post-show talks (The Takeaway) that either give insight into the creative process behind the production or highlight the work of a community partner, giving voice to experts in their field, who are able to put the production into context.
We also produce a "Pop-up Play in a Pub" for six performances (drawing on the popular tradition of pub theatre in Ireland and the UK). The season also includes a free reading series of three plays that highlight a topic we feel is relevant and current in Philadelphia, including topics such as Medicine in Modern Life and Unheard Women's Voices. The reading series offers varied points of view on current political or social concerns affecting life in both the US and British Isles.

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