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Sonja N.

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Rani C.

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Mar 17, 2019
Virtual volunteer opportunity
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Impact statement
This project will save us $8,660 , allowing us to use those funds directly for the children we serve and providing them with food, shelter, clothing, educational materials, and so on.

Project Details

What We Need
  • Personalized feedback and up to 5 coaching sessions with one member of the Organization
  • Document outlining strengths, weaknesses, and suggested next steps and/or resources for the member
Additional Details

As a board member of the Hope Foundation, I am expected to speak on behalf of the organization from time to time and explain its mission, work, and goals. Sometimes this includes speaking one-on-one with community members and potential donors and other times, it means doing presentations in front of a larger audience. I would like to work with a coach who will be able to help me fine-tune the way I speak and convey a message.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have material that I can present on and done some coaching before, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have an updated website, newsletters, and other material, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help

As a board member, I may be asked to speak on behalf of the organization in the future and being able to express myself better will increase our chances of finding and securing donors and connecting people to our mission and work.

Project Plan

Prep: Initial Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with information about goals of the presentation/media relations, audience, and any other relevant factors (e.g., other presenters, previous public speaking experience, professional development goals, personal objectives, etc.)
  • Professional and staff member receiving coaching discuss perceived strengths and areas for improvement
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager decide on specific areas to focus on and goals for coaching sessions
Milestone 1: Brainstorm and Coaching Plan Draft
  • Professional reviews presentation materials and information (if applicable)
  • Professional drafts coaching plan
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss presentation goals
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss coaching plan and agree on/set dates for coaching sessions, as well as any preparatory work required
Milestone 2: Coaching Sessions
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager connect up to 5 times to practice and tailor presentation for specific audience(s)
  • Professional begins to draft document with feedback and next steps for Volunteer Manager
Milestone 3: Wrap-up Session
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager meet for wrap-up session to review feedback and learnings
  • Professional presents a detailed written document with an analysis of strengths and weaknesses with resources (such as websites, books, organizations, etc.), strategies, and tips for future presentations
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Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out to orphans by establishing and developing children's homes that meet their physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. We also strive to reach out to poor widows by developing supportive community programs that enable better opportunities, helping them lead independent lives.

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