Event Plan Creation

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Cari Q.

Development Director

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Mar 5, 2019
Virtual volunteer opportunity
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Impact statement
This project will save us $4,212 , allowing us to dedicate more funding to our programs.

Project Details

What We Need
  • Description of event concept and programming
  • Recommendations and research on venue, catering, and other vendors needed
  • Timeline for preparation and outline of team roles & responsibilities
  • Recommendations on pre- and post-event communications
  • Detailed day-of-event schedule
  • Note: This project does not include on-site event coordination or support on the day of the event. Related projects that may be completed in parallel are the Event Vendor Selection project, the Event Publicity Plan project, and the Event Budget Plan project
What We Have In Place
  • We currently have a history of areas of opportunity, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have a Development Director, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help

Angels' Place has been hosting the same event for several years with little change. We are certain that a change will help to bring in new attendees and generate greater revenue. Our dollars and staff are limited and the assistance of a volunteer could make all the difference.

Project may require a short interview with the organization.

Project Plan

Prep: Information Exchange
  • Volunteer Manager provides overview of event vision, goals, and budget for execution, as well as any context about past organization events that can inform future event planning
  • Volunteer Manager introduces staff and/or volunteers available to help with event execution
Milestone 1: Research and Plan Development
  • Professional connects with Volunteer Manager for a brainstorming session
  • Professional drafts event concept and programming proposal
  • Professional conducts research on vendors and compiles suggestions based on event budget
  • Professional drafts project management timeline, roles and responsibilities, and day-of-event schedule
Milestone 2: Recommendations and Feedback
  • Professional shares event plan & recommendations with Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer Manager provides feedback (up to 2 rounds)
Milestone 3: Presentation of Deliverables
  • Professional delivers final event plan
  • Professional advises on day-of-event execution
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About The Org

Our Mission

Angels' Place, Inc. provides exceptional family support and quality early childhood education to help parents in need and their children become lifelong learners and create a brighter future.

What We Do

At Angels' Place children from birth through age five, receive highly accredited early childhood education and child care, and their parents, who are single and of low-income, are given exceptional resources and benefits through the Family Support Program.

Implementing programming for both the enrolled child and parent creates a holistic approach to removing barriers single parents face in their efforts to become self-sufficient.

The single women raising children who come to Angels' Place for services are highly motivated to implement a plan to gain education and sustain employment that will create generational change for their family. The caring teaching staff and Family Support Director at Angels' Place help to ensure parents have the resources to reach their goals.

Our project is sponsored by: Forbes Funds

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