This project was completed on May 2, 2019
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Tyler M.

Website Update

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Project Details

What We Need
  • Updates and/or fixes to the Organization’s existing website (e.g., update copy or images, fix bugs, integrate plugins or widgets, customize styles/themes, etc.)
  • Training for the Organization's staff on how to update website content and resolve minor issues (if applicable)
Additional Details

NECAT recently had a new website designed. We launched it with a free trial of the developer's donation processor. We no longer want to keep using it, but need a new donation page designed and new donation processing plugin installed. We imagine the page remaining fairly simple (similar to how it looks now - with a nice clean donation form. There might be other small change requests to the site, but this is our main goal. Please let us know if you have any questions!

What We Have In Place
  • Again, the page can look similar to how it does now with a banner and simple donation form, but we are also happy to take your suggestions for an improved look. Obviously, the donation page is very important to helping us achieve our mission and we want to make the user experience as seamless as possible.The two staff members available to provide support to you successfully supported the company who recently built our site. We are very quick at responding and will make this easy for you.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $4,762 , allowing us to provide life-changing services to those who need it most. Our program allows those facing enormous challenges to enter the job market on a career path and permanently end the cycle of poverty.

NECAT is a young organization with a critical mission. Growing individual giving is a key strategic objective in the year ahead. Having the technology to support this is vital to our success. Additionally, having a professional website presence improves our credibility and overall growth potential.

Project Plan

Prep: Share Scope of Changes
  • Volunteer Manager shares link to existing website with Professional
  • Volunteer Manager provides the list of required updates (including content or image assets, if applicable), or a list of issues to resolve
Milestone 1: Kick-Off Meeting
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional connect to discuss the requested updates and/or fixes, and agree on a project timeline
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with credentials to access the website admin portal
Milestone 2: Review Updates
  • Professional makes the requested updates and/or fixes to the website (if available, the changes should be made in a test or development environment first)
  • Volunteer Manager reviews each update or fix, and reports any remaining issues to the Professional (e.g., typos in new copy, bugs that were not fixed, new bugs that were created by the updates, etc.)
Milestone 3: Implementation of Updates
  • Professional implements updates and/or fixes to the live website
  • Professional troubleshoots any issues that may arise immediately after implementing changes on the live site
Milestone 4: Training
  • If requested, the Professional provides training to the Volunteer Manager on how to update site content and resolve minor issues going forward
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About The Org

Our Mission

NECAT provides opportunity to resource-poor, chronically unemployed and underemployed adults and at-risk young adults. Through in-demand job training, support and employment services, NECAT helps individuals launch careers in the food services industry and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

NECAT is built upon the principle that all people, regardless of circumstance, can overcome their educational, economic and social barriers to stable employment if well supported in a nurturing learning environment. Through a culture of hope, personal development, respect and fair practice, NECAT guides students through a transformational process to unlock their potential.


Tyler was a fantastic volunteer. He was very responsive and knowledgeable. He was also upfront and honest about not being entirely sure he knew how to fix an issue on our website. But, he was willing to look into it and he figured it out! I would love to work with Tyler again.
Jessica W.

Development Manager

Website Update Project

I loved working with this organization and would definitely do so again!
Tyler Maxey-Billings
Tyler M.


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