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Marketing Strategy Call

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Jan 11, 2019
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Marketing Strategy Call

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We would like to get feedback on a new website we are developing. in terms of mission, donation with ease, understanding what we do and how you would describe the site.
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About The Org

Our Mission

Self Esteem Boston’s mission is to change people's lives from the inside out by raising their self-esteem. And by raising their self-esteem, it is our goal that people will live more consciously, and become self-accepting, self-assertive, live with purpose, responsibility and integrity.

We do this by delivering self-esteem educational programs in group-settings which 1) Defines what self-esteem is, 2) Educates people on why self-esteem matters, and teach people how to build self-esteem through essential skill development, and 3) support and education toward making healthy life choices.

What We Do

Self Esteem Boston Educational Institute (Self Esteem Boston) provides a unique, psycho-educational program for clients of community agency programs in greater Boston and the Pioneer Valley, and we provide staff and organizational development programs for agencies that provide services for at-risk clients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There are no other city or state programs that directly teach the tools of self-esteem as the basis for improving the lives of at-risk individuals. Self Esteem Boston is the only agency in Massachusetts whose sole purpose is self-esteem education.

Self Esteem Boston is the only agency whose primary purpose is to teach self-esteem skills to the homeless, substance abusers, victims of domestic violence, individuals transitioning out of the criminal justice system, and the unemployed. Our uniqueness also comes from our hundreds of collaborations with that support these populations - by training providers to help their clients become self-reliant, build self-esteem and succeed in life.

The teaching staff at Self Esteem Boston uses a self-esteem based approach (PDF) to training which encourages self-discovery. Our interactive workshops combine exciting presentations by our expert staff with experiential activities and discussion to engage workshop participants in cooperative learning.


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Marion D.

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Marketing Strategy Phone Call

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