Communication Materials Audit


This project will save us $3,002 , allowing us to focus on restoring urban creeks and creating nature trails.

What We Need

  • Thorough review of the existing communication and marketing materials to ensure writing is understandable, engaging and consistent
  • Edits conducted with respect to writing style, voice, length, and proper spelling and grammar
  • Revised materials should adhere to branding, communications and marketing goals

Additional Details

Our website needs updating, and needs to create more members.

How This Will Help

Currently, we have over 300 website visitors per month but no one then signs up to join us as a member.

What We Have In Place

We currently have a website, brochure, and thank you letters to funders, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have expert board members, and the ability to provide any other information you need.

  • Estimated Time
    Volunteers: 10-20 hours over 2-4 weeks
    Organizations: 4-6 hours
  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)
  • Requirements: This project requires a short interview with the organization. If your application is accepted, you'll receive an email from Catchafire with instructions to schedule a call.

Project Steps

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • Volunteer Manager provides external communication materials to be reviewed; list may include: website and social media copy, brochures, auto-generated emails, press releases, and job postings
  • Volunteer Manager provides relevant strategic documents such as a Communications Strategy, Brand Messaging, and/or Communications Strategy (if applicable)
Milestone 1: Analysis and Recommendations
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss the Organization's existing and desired brand messaging, tone, and style
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager agree on the specific set of materials for review
Milestone 2: First Round of Revisions
  • Professional performs initial round of edits to select materials
  • Volunteer Manager provides feedback with respect to style and tone, which the Professional incorporates
Milestone 3: Presentation of Deliverables
  • Professional edits all materials according to agreed upon guidelines and goals
  • Volunteer Manager provides a final round of feedback, which the Professional incorporates before final handoff
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Expertise in creating and editing communications collateral
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
Prerequisites for Organization
  • Ability to clearly articulate your communications goals and target audiences
  • Existing communication and marketing materials to be reviewed

Our Mission

South Fork Conservancy restores and connects the tributaries of Peachtree Creek through the creation of creekside nature trails.

What We Do

Long before Atlanta became a city, the South Fork of Peachtree Creek was an integral part of the lives of people along its banks. It gave its waters for drinking water, for grinding of corn, for baptismal waters. From its trickling headwaters to its confluence with the North Fork to form Peachtree Creek, the South Fork reveals a unique story of human settlement in Atlanta, from the Native American artifacts found in the corridor to the remains of Houston Mill near Emory to the torrential surges of stormwater that result from more recent urbanization. Today, the South Fork of Peachtree Creek connects vast parts of central DeKalb County with the vibrant communities of northeast Atlanta. It connects greenspaces including Medlock Park, Zonolite Park, the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve and the historic Olmsted Linear Park along Ponce de Leon Avenue. It connects South Fork communities to a much larger greenspace network that includes the Atlanta BeltLine, Piedmont Park, Candler Park and Freedom Parkway. The creek connects institutions and cultural facilities including Emory University, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the Veterans Administration Hospital, the Toco Hills Branch Library, and half a dozen schools. It connects major sites for revitalization and redevelopment including Emory Village, North DeKalb Mall, Sage Hill, and Lindbergh City Center. Most importantly, the South Fork connects people and their communities--a diverse connectivity that could be a model for many similar communities across the state.

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