Facilitated Strategy Session

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Chiwishi A.

Founder & Executive Director

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May 2, 2019
Virtual volunteer opportunity
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Impact statement
This project will save us $4,465 , allowing us to We would not currently be able to pay a professional this estimate. Having assistance from a professional volunteer on this project enables us to provide reproductive health workshops (100 girls).

Project Details

What We Need
  • Expert third party advice on process or managerial changes, geographic or programmatic expansion, potential pivots, or general strategic planning
  • Facilitation of an intensive, one-day strategic planning session with staff and/or Board
  • Note: If necessary, a follow-up strategic planning session may be scheduled
What We Have In Place
  • We currently have a nurses network of 3, 2 therapists,1 social worker on boar, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have creative young people who love to have fun, travel, eat great food and play sports, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help

HERO is at a critical point in our development We have over 25 young people dealing w/ t traumatic situations daily seeking financial assistance to stay in school and sometimes hopeless due to their familial struggles We have been successful with acquiring In-Kind partnerships with companies. We have not organizations been successful in acquiring financial resources needed to serve our families most effectively . Our Board has requested Training in several areas Our volunteers are ready to work more effectively to support our mission Staff is volunteering without a salary. Students need more daily and weekly checking and reminders.

Project may require a short interview with the organization.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of prep materials
  • Organization provides relevant background materials to make initial meeting more productive
Milestone 1: Background call
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager in charge of the session engage in a 30-minute phone call
  • Goals of the call include answering any preliminary questions the Professional may have and agreeing upon the goals and structure of the Facilitated Planning Session
  • Professional sends any additional due diligence questions ahead of Facilitated Planning Session(s)
  • Professional distributes an outline or itinerary ahead of Facilitated Planning Session(s) (as necessary)
Milestone 2: Strategic Planning Session
  • Attendees include Professional, Organization Executive(s) and/or Board Member(s) involved in decision or strategic planning
  • If necessary, a follow-up session may be scheduled to address issues that may arise and require additional due diligence
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About The Org

Our Mission

HERO empowers,educates and equips Philly youth to graduate college debt free, build strong families and build their community.

What We Do

HERO serves, supports and engages youth and young adults age 12-24 through three programs from a trauma informed care framework.

1.Campus Ready
Connect* Tour *Explore
Connect with your peers in a university setting while applying for scholarships throughout the program. Open your Citadel bank account and set up your college savings plan for monthly deposits to match your potential tuition needs.
Tour colleges on the East Coast and travel across the country. Ask questions of your tour guides and engage in campus culture. WExplore academic programs, majors and future career options. Create Action Plan with your mentor to achieve your Goals!
Campus Ready program supports you from opening your first bank account ( Citadel Credit Union) to becoming a #debtfreecollegegrad!

2. HEROGirls
Push Past It* Push Through It* Push To It
YoungWomen of color shining' and thriving, breaking barriers and defying odds like crazy! HEROGirls are healing from traumas , empowered, resilient and ready for opportunities! When her Glow Up is on 100 , she's supported by a network of Professional Women (HEROGirlMentors )and a Nurses Network? You must be a #HEROGirl! I see you out here living your best life!
Annual Retreat: The Birthing Suite Spa Weekend in October
Monthly MeetUps: Milkshakes & Mascara
Weekly Checkins : via Dance Class, texts and Instagram

Join Philly's First Youth Led Catering Team! Students, young artists & creatives are empowered to #createyourART and #useyourVOICE! Art & activism collide as students curate incredible food for the YHC menu and use social media to speak Up, show up and stand up for themselves! Awesome opportunity to learn leadership skills and earn cash for college, that's YHC! We raise our voices and gather together for meetups and training Sessions at LaColombe 1335 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia

In addition, HERO offers adolescents a supportive extracurricular environment in which to build skills, set goals for the future, and create an action plan to graduate from college without debt. HERO's programs provide a focused setting for young adults to learn and grow as individuals and future young professionals, as well as develop the financial literacy and connection to resources needed to achieve their goals. As an organization, HERO recognizes that the prevalence of youth
who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Philadelphia is high, and that providing programs from a perspective of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is fundamental for students to achieve success and growth. Alongside programs for fitness and cooking, HERO provides students with opportunities for participation in evidence-based Girls Circle(r) group therapy, weekly checkins and monthly meetups with peers, mentors and health professionals; specifically therapists, social workers and nurses. HERO is committed to serving students facing any number of challenges, from stress at school or bullying, navigating health choices as a young person, and balancing practical financial issues with collegiate goals, all while understanding that traumatic experiences, toxic stress, racism, and ACEs impact a student's ability to achieve short and long-term goals. Reducing the impact of ACEs and toxic stress through providing practical programs from a perspective of TIC aids students to achieve success and build resilience to carry them into becoming healthy, strong, and confident young adults.

Our project is sponsored by: Philadelphia Foundation

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