Communications Call

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Kaile L.

Kali`uokapa`akai Coordinator

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Nov 8, 2018
Virtual volunteer opportunity
Communications Call

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I will be creating/managing our E-Newsletter. I want to consult someone about creating an E-Newsletter. I have some questions about which software to use, and how to put an E-Newsletter into an emai.
Additional Context

I have access to Microsoft Office as well as the full adobe suite.

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About The Org

Our Mission

To grow Hawai'i's communities through culturally based dimensions of innovative learning, leadership development and collaborative networking in wahi kupuna stewardship.

What We Do

We are a Native Hawaiian non-profit organization which seeks to educate haumana and communities on the appropriate stewardship of wahi kupuna. Huliauapa'a members, including resource managers, researchers, educators, cultural practitioners, and students, share a unifying commitment and belief: to protect, preserve, and perpetuate Hawai'i's cultural and natural resources through educational opportunities, community outreach, and advocacy. Our organization is intent on transforming Cultural Resource Management (CRM) in Hawai'i, by integrating 'Oiwi perspectives into our every-day operations and activities and striving to give Hawaiians and kama'aina a voice and a meaningful role in managing our own resources.

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