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Our Mission

Create and sustain vibrant communities for low to moderate income individuals and families by providing high quality affordable housing, economic development and supportive services.

What We Do

Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Richmond, CA that provides a broad range of opportunities and services which enable low- to moderate-income residents to gain better housing and financial stability. CHDC was founded in 1990 by local leaders working to eliminate blight, improve housing opportunities for current and future residents, and create better economic conditions in one Richmond neighborhood. CHDC has developed, co-developed or acquired a total of over 1000 affordable housing units in the Richmond area. These include 226 new or rehabilitated homes for first time buyers with low or moderate incomes. Homeownership project sizes range from scattered-site infill homes to an 87- home subdivision. We have also completed or acquired 900 units of rental housing, some of which are planned to offer residents a future ownership interest through a mutual housing organizational structure. CHDC's programs are: 1. Homeownership and Asset Building CHDC enables low-moderate income households to take control of their money, build financial fitness, and become homeowners. We offer financial counseling and coaching, monthly budgeting, and education on banking; credit and savings; home mortgages; down payment assistance from public funding sources; responsibilities of homeownership; and shopping for your home. We also offer post purchase counseling about refinancing, loan modification and foreclosure intervention. CHDC is certified as a NeighborWorks America Homeownership Center and as a Community Development Financial Institution. 2. Transportation Reliable, affordable transportation is a crucial need for low-income households to meet responsibilities of work and family. Using our successful financial fitness education model, and leveraging funds from the California Air Resources Board, CHDC offers grants and low-interest loans to purchase a reliable, low-carbon-emission automobile. 3. Real Estate Development CHDC creates high-quality affordable housing options that improve neighborhoods. We meet with community members and stakeholders to ensure meaningful public involvement and give current residents a clear voice in the development process. CHDC develops single-family homes; multi-unit affordable rental projects; and mixed-use projects - all meeting high standards for environmentally friendly, sustainable construction and operation. For-sale properties are targeted to first-time buyers. Buyers are prepared and qualified to purchase through CHDC's Homeownership Program. 4. Property Management and Resident Services CHDC provides property management services for affordable rental housing including several of the properties it has developed. Resident services and activities in multi-family properties promote healthy lifestyles, access to resources, and community participation. Through Community Property Management Corp., a separate nonprofit corporation under CHDC's control, we manage Barrett Terrace & Plaza, Community Heritage Senior Housing, James Lee Court and scattered sites for a total of 252 apartments, townhomes and single family homes.

  • City: Richmond, CA, USA
  • Staff Size: 25-50
  • Org age : More than 25 Years
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