Event Photography


By Kate M.

Development Administrator

Posted Oct 12, 2018

This project will save us $5,048 , allowing us to equip refugee newcomers with the academic and social skills they need to succeed in high school and beyond.

What We Need

  • A photographer who will attend the Organization's event to take photos
  • A set of professionally edited, high-resolution images delivered in a digital format suitable for web or print use
  • Note: The photographer needs to be available in the same geographical location as the Organization or be willing to travel at own expense

How This Will Help

One of our favorite GVP traditions is our quarterly Authors' Teas, where students showcase their learning in a performance for community members. We invite the public to join us at these events, held on Friday afternoons throughout the school year. The next GVP Author's Tea will be held at 2PM on December 7th at our school in downtown Decatur.

What We Have In Place

We currently have a date and time set which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have location and the ability to provide any other information you need.

Fun Fact

Each year GVP enrolls 40-50 young women in our academic program with an additional and growing group of 99 alumnae and students being served by our mentoring program. Students come from more than 12 different countries including Congo, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Burma, and Syria and collectively speak more than 16 languages.

  • Estimated Time
    Volunteers: 10-20 hours over 1-2 weeks
    Organizations: 1-4 hours
  • Location: This opportunity requires the volunteer to be on-site
  • Requirements: This project requires a short interview with the organization. If your application is accepted, you'll receive an email from Catchafire with instructions to schedule a call.

Project Steps

Prep: Initial Meeting and Goal Setting
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss the photography requirements, which should include the approximate number and types of photographs required (e.g., specific people, moments, or things), the desired style of photography, and the intended use for the photos or required digital format
  • Volunteer Manager provides the event schedule / run-of-show, which should highlight any key moments that need to be photographed (e.g., a planned speech or awards ceremony)
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager agree upon a work plan that includes the time and location of the event, any budget for travel, film, or other materials, and timing for receiving the edited photos
Milestone 1: Event Photography
  • Professional attends the event and takes photos according to the agreed-upon photography requirements
Milestone 2: Editing
  • Professional edits and color corrects a subset of the photographs taken, according to the agreed-upon number of photographs required
Milestone 3: Presentation of Deliverables
  • Professional delivers the edited set of photographs to the Organization in the agreed-upon format, as well as the complete set of photographs (raw files)
  • Organization credits the photos appropriately
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Experience with event photography or photojournalism (please provide sample work)
  • Proficiency using editing software
  • Proximity to the Organization's event location, or willingness to travel
Prerequisites for Organization
  • An upcoming event (with date and time indicated on the project post)
  • Specifics on which people and / or moments during the event need to be photographed
  • Signed releases for subjects and location (if required)
  • Ability to cover hard expenses (film, developing)

Our Mission

At Global Village Project, our mission is to develop a strong educational foundation for each student within a caring community using a strengths-based approach and intensive instruction in English language and literacy, academic subjects, and the arts.