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Hi! My nonprofit is changing our name. We need help in designing a roll-out plan and what that might look like. Thanks!

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Our Mission

The Center for Grieving Children helps children grieving a death heal and grow through their grief, while strengthening families, communities, and professionals' understanding of how best to respond to their needs.

What We Do

The Center for Grieving Children believes that no child should grieve alone. To make this vision a reality and to advance healthy grieving, The Center provides free grief support to grieving youth and their families as well as programs for professionals and communities. Support groups for children and caregivers are offered at 4 locations during after-school hours across Philadelphia: East Falls (main office), West Philadelphia (The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Karabots' Pediatric Care Center), South Philadelphia (Health & Literacy Center), and the Lower Northeast (Calvary Christian Church). The Center provides in-school grief support groups during the day in partnership with schools across the city. Last program year, The Center partnered with 52 schools to directly support over 400 grieving students. When a school or community experiences a death, our clinical staff also provide post-crisis intervention and support. Finally, The Center regularly leads caregiver workshops and professional development training to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to support a grieving child.

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