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Community & Economic Development

By Gillian H.

Executive Director

Posted Jul 11, 2018

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What We'd Like To Talk About

My organization recently transitioned from an LLC to a nonprofit. Our business model has changed and I need help updating our website to reflect the changes.

Additional Context

Since we support cross-sector community collaboration, we have multiple audiences. We'd like our site to feature thought leadership, resources, and our new flagship program in a way that is user-friendly for our primary stakeholders (government, funders, other nonprofits, business owners, volunteers, healthcare orgs).

  • Estimated Time: 1 hour
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Our Mission

Justicewise supports cross-sector collaboration for restorative social change.

What We Do

We use a complex systems change lens to conduct research and educate community stakeholders about how to create the outcomes they want to see in their communities. We help structure cross-sector strategy and implementation plans using technologies, frameworks and methods that are suited to the digital age.