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This project will save us $6,262 , allowing us to leverage our famous host.

What We Need

  • An event publicity plan for promoting an upcoming event, and/or securing coverage of the event itself
  • A press release (who, what, why, when, where) about the event to send out to media contacts
  • A list of key media contacts to reach out to about the event, and/or invite to the event
  • Detailed instructions on how and when to reach out to media
  • Social media posts (twitter, instagram, facebook) to complement media outreach, if applicable
  • Note: This project does not necessarily include on-site event attendance by the Professional, or on-site media check-in or management at the event. This may be requested or offered, but will depend on the Professional's location and availability.

How This Will Help

The success of our organization depends on getting more publicity for our events. Without your help, we cannot take full advantage of a amazing gala chair. Your skills will empower us to reach more people with our powerful message.

What We Have In Place

We currently have a very successful events team which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have some marketing resources and the ability to provide any other information you need.

Fun Fact

We are the largest big brothers big sisters in the nation.

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

Prep: Initial Planning Meeting
  • The Professional and Volunteer Manager conduct an initial meeting to discuss the Organization’s upcoming event, including the target audience, event goals
  • The Volunteer Manager describes the Organization's desired media coverage for the event, to include priority for traditional print and broadcast media, online media, and social media
  • The Volunteer Manager provides any relevant information about the Organization's past media outreach efforts, including any existing press lists or relationships with media, and links to the Organization's social media accounts (if any)
  • The Volunteer Manager provides any relevant information or documentation about the event and the Organization, to include the Organization's mission statement and any available key messaging that should be used in the event publicity campaign
Milestone 1: Research and Planning
  • The Professional researches and identifies key media outlets and contacts for outreach, based on the Organization's media coverage goals and the purpose of the event
  • The Professional shares initial findings with the Volunteer Manager for feedback
Milestone 2: Draft Publicity Plan
  • The Professional drafts the event publicity plan, which includes a summary of publicity goals, as well as specific tactics to be used, such as the press contact list, proposed methods and timing for media outreach and follow up, key messaging, and outlines of any new media materials (e.g., press release, event invitation, FAQ, etc.)
  • The Volunteer Manager reviews the draft plan and provides feedback
Milestone 3: Final Publicity Plan
  • The Professional incorporates feedback and delivers the final publicity plan, including the press list, key messaging, and any new materials created for media outreach (e.g., press release, event FAQ, etc.) to the Volunteer Manager for approval.
  • If media outlets are invited to the event, the final plan should also include an invitation list and RSVP checklist, as well as a plan for providing media passes to invited outlets and checking them in at the event
  • The Volunteer Manager approves the final plan and any new materials that have been created for media outreach
Milestone 4: Publicity Plan Execution
  • The Volunteer Manager conducts media outreach according to the methods and timeline in the publicity plan
  • The Professional provides support to the Volunteer Manager as needed, including advice on how to follow up or respond to unexpected questions
Milestone 5: Day-of Event Publicity and Follow Up (optional)
  • If applicable, the Professional helps the Volunteer Manager create a plan for signing in media to the event and ensuring they are able to set up equipment (cameras, microphones, wifi access, etc.)
  • If applicable, the Professional crafts an event summary to be shared with the media after the event (e.g., if this is a fundraising event, the follow-up press release may include information on how much money was raised, or photos or video clips from the event that can be published by the media)
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Experience in public relations and media outreach, including designing and executing event publicity campaigns
  • Experience using social media to successfully promote an event
  • Ability to share examples of press releases you have written and media coverage you have generated
  • Existing relationships with media contacts is a plus
  • Geographic proximity to the organization, or willingness to travel is a plus
Prerequisites for Organization
  • A specific upcoming event that is at least two months away (to ensure enough lead time to generate media attention)
  • Materials communicating the Organization's mission, key messaging, and relevant event information
  • Ability to give the Professional access to Organization's social media accounts and marketing tools, including any existing press lists and media materials
  • A staff member who can execute the publicity plan with the support of the Professional, and coordinate media check-in and management at the event

Our Mission

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