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Youth Development

By Solome T.

Founder, Executive Director

Posted Apr 17, 2018

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May 22, 2018

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Michelle Proctor R.

This project will save us $10,298 , allowing us to create a foundation for a long, sustainable relationship with our parent donors and service recipients online!

What We Need

  • Up to 4 coaching sessions with a staff member
  • Actionable steps and advice to address an ongoing managerial issue
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the Organization's leadership team

How This Will Help

While we have been in existence since 2006, we are embarking on a major facelift of our organization! Our founder started our initial blog as a teenager and has kept the non-profit mostly youth-led to date. As part of our transformation into Anxiety In Teens 2.0, our founder has recently moved to working at the non-profit full-time. We're seeking the coaching of an experienced mentor to help her focus on some specific, immediate goals.

What We Have In Place

We currently have a flexible, motivated, easy to work with leader which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have a willingness to learn, expand, listen to new feedback and the ability to provide any other information you need.

Fun Fact

We've been Millennial-run since our inception, and we've hosted nearly 300 virtual internships nationwide!

Our Executive Director also loves baking chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.

We're launching new services for parents and excited to engage them more!

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

Milestone 1: Initial Assessment
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss perceived areas of strength and area of improvement, leadership style, and assessment of team motivation and morale
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager decide on specific areas to focus on and goals for coaching sessions
  • Professional communicates if feedback from other members of the Organization will be necessary
Milestone 2: Coaching Sessions
  • In-depth discussions may include issues such as strategy and goal-setting, program management, personnel management, and board management
  • Various techniques may be employed by the Leadership Coach to achieve the desired results
Milestone 3: Wrap-up and Learnings
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional evaluate lessons learned and progress made
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss areas and actionable items to focus on going forward
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Experience in leadership training and coaching
  • Experience in a key leadership role at a company or organization, either as an executive, advisor or board member
Prerequisites for Organization
  • Staff member committed to engaging with this project

Our Mission

Anxiety In Teens' Mission: helping youth with mental health issues & their families get information, inspiration and community through online presence and offline events featuring education, refuge and connection. Our vision: Comfort and certainty at every young adults' fingertips.

What We Do

Anxiety In Teens has developed a virtual learning through service program for young adults struggling with mental illness across the country, allowing them become peer specialists and share their life experiences with one another through the nonprofit's popular online blog,

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I really enjoyed my time with Michelle and looked forward to our calls each week. She gave me the tools and space to create more focus and balance in my approach to work and life. Definitely recommend her!
Solome Tibebu
Solome T.

Project Manager

Leadership Coaching Project

Anxiety in Teens! is such a wonderful organization with a power house director! My experience working with Solome has been so amazing. She is inspiring, driven and visionary. The work she is doing is nothing short of brilliant. I look forward to witnessing the growth and development of this organization in the future.