Annual Report Writing

Human Services

By Fern S.

Director of Business Development

Posted Feb 8, 2018


This project will save us $9,148 , allowing us to This project will save us $2,500 enabling us to utilize funds to enhance services for our consumers.

What We Need

  • Clear and effective copy for an annual report that illustrates the Organization’s successes and plans for growth (e.g., descriptions of programs, allocation of funds, and recognition of donors and volunteers)
  • Blueprint of the structure for the annual report, including optimal content, length, and style
  • Suggestions for format and visuals, if applicable

How This Will Help

Like every non-profit, storytelling is a critical part of our operation. Without stories, we cannot communicate what we do and therefore cannot fully utilize or impress our current or future donors and need an annual report created. This project will help increase donors and further our mission of advocacy, education and the delivery of direct programs and services.

What We Have In Place

We currently have Strategic Plan , outlining our goals and objectives, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have Operational Budget, and the ability to provide any other information you need.

Fun Fact

WE LOVE PEERS and want to be able to integrate peer services, with lived experience, into all programs and services in order to enhance rehabilitation for all of our consumers.

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

Prep: Distribution of Materials
  • Volunteer Manager delivers relevant information such as the Organization's mission, vision, and key messages, profiles of individuals or communities served, previous annual reports, and stories of impact
  • Volunteer Manager shares the previous year's statistics, financial statements, significant accomplishments and stories of impact, awards received, new and noteworthy grants, as well as the complete list of supporters (including names and donor levels)
  • Professional reviews prep materials, identifies any information gaps, and requests additional information or clarification (as needed)
Milestone 1: Brainstorm & Planning
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager connect to discuss prep materials, overall goals, and desired tone and style for the annual report
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager brainstorm key messages, themes, and content, and determine the timeframe for draft and final product delivery
Milestone 2: Annual Report Outline
  • Professional creates the outline for the annual report and submits to the Volunteer Manager for review
  • Volunteer Manager reviews outline and provides feedback
  • Professional incorporates feedback and creates final draft of the annual report outline
Milestone 3: Final Annual Report
  • Professional writes first draft of the content for the report and submits to the volunteer manager for review
  • Volunteer Manager reviews the content and provides feedback
  • Professional incorporates feedback and creates final draft of the content
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Excellent writing and communications skills
  • Experience writing annual reports or comparable marketing collateral
Prerequisites for Organization
  • A senior staff member (e.g., executive director or board member) committed to providing feedback
  • Information about your Organization’s impact, financials, program achievements, and other relevant details

Our Mission

We are a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to improving mental health in our community through advocacy, education, program development and the delivery of direct services.

What We Do

Veterans Services:Vet2Vet - Veterans, Peer Support, Veterans Veterans Health Alliance of Long Island - building a friendly veteran community by promoting the health and well-being of Long Island veterans and their families through advocacy, outreach, training, peer support and awareness. Visit site: Rehabilitation & Support Services: Gathering Place PROS - Day program focusing on Personalized Recovery Oriented Services, where adults with mental illnesses actively participate in skill development toward employment, housing, education, wellness self-management and improving their health while working toward community integration,SOAR - Socialization and Recovery Program. SOAR is a "Clubhouse-like" program for recovery and social skills. Peer Services - This division of MHANC, staffed by trained peers in recovery with personal experience in the mental health system. Phone Link - Peer-to-peer warm line offers consumers a chance to talk to other consumers about recovery, relationships, work, school, problem-solving, etc. Turquoise House - A peer respite wellness center that allows guests to use crisis as an opportunity, providing connection, hope, and a successful alternative to hospitalization. Support Groups - These are peer-run self-help groups. Financial Management - Helping those living with Mental Illness regain their financial independence. Health Home Care Coordination - For at-risk adults: Provides someone to help navigate the mental health system and link them to needed services and support in the areas of health, financial entitlements, housing, educational and vocational needs. Medicaid Service Coordination - Assists adults and children with developmental disabilities to develop life goals, make informed choices and achieve self-reliance and community inclusion. Crisis Respites for Families - We provide an out of home residential stay for children in need of some time apart from their family. Families benefit from a short respite. Hospital Discharge Coordination - Coordinates all children's psychiatric discharges from Nassau County Hospitals to ensure comprehensive community linkages and supports. Compeer Program - Matches consumers with volunteer mentors to work towards recovery. Adult Family Support - Weekly support groups for adult family members and friends of consumers living with mental illnesses. Housing Services: The Terrace - A housing program for autistic children to live in a family-like setting with consistent behavioral interventions and staff support. Titus - An adult housing program that teaches life skills to young adults with autism. Cushman House, Garvey House, Walden House - Homes for adults with mental illnesses, providing needed around-the-clock support to focus on recovery. The Dales - Apartment programs that provide the next step in mental health residential housing. Supported Housing - Provides a number of housing opportunities for people living with mental illness to live on their own. Education & Training Services: Continuing Education for behavioral health professionals - Community-based psycho-educational training for behavioral health professionals and the community at large. Community Outreach and Education - Provide information and educational materials to increase the public awareness about mental health issues and community-based resources. The Players - Volunteer theater troupe that uses vignettes and performances to help eliminate the stigma of Mental Illness. Advocacy & Community Relations: Public Policy - We advocate for individuals living with mental illness, in an attempt to improve service delivery, modify laws and support people in their recovery. Children's Advocacy Committee - A grassroots group comprising parents and professionals who are dedicated to the recognition of children's mental health; timely access to comprehensive, quality services and equity in treatment. Annual Impact Daily visits for the recovery programs: 12, 495 days of service Housing: 44,165 days of housing with support services Education & Training: Providing workshops for more than 1,700 professionals and community members. Adults Receiving Financial Management Services: Supporting over 650 individuals Veterans Services: Reaching over 4,500 veterans on Long Island, home to the second largest population of veterans in the entire country. HCBS Services for Adults and Children.Peer Coaching Academy MHA's Peer Coaching Academy has 22 peer coaches that assist others to take responsibility for their own lives and help them implement the steps needed to meet their desired goals. Peers enrolled in our academy receive coaching support and are provided with a unique "toolbox" of skills that assist them in facing life's challenges. Our training program provides ongoing support - beginning with learning the skills to help ensure their own health and well-being. Our curriculum helps peers become Certified OMH Peers and helps prepare them to pass their peer certification exam. Our support doesn't end there, our 22 peers provide ongoing support to all individuals that attend our Peer Coaching Academy. Training and volunteer opportunities are available for new peer specialists who want to use their recovery to support others. Turquoise House Turquoise House peer respite wellness center allows guests to use crisis as an opportunity; providing connection, hope, and a successful alternative to hospitalization. Guests stay in a comfortable, homelike environment up to 7 days for intensive, transformative support, served by a team of trained Peer Specialists who support, accept and listen. Pre-Registration is required. Contact Turquoise House at: (516) 489-0100 ext.3 Consumer Link Consumer Link is the peer services division of the Mental Health Association of Nassau County. We are staffed by trained peers in recovery with personal experience in the mental health system. We provide nonclinical support that focuses on recovery. We believe in empowerment, personal responsibility, and above all - the power of hope. All services Consumer Link provides are FREE! To see a list of the services we provide, please click here. Get In Touch! 516.489.2322

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