Elevator Pitch Creation

Youth Development


This project will save us $2,397 , allowing us to One month of free summer programming to one student (M-F 7am-6pm).

What We Need

  • A script for a 1-2 minute verbal pitch that communicates the mission and vision of the Organization, the work the Organization does, and why people should care
  • Advice on pitch delivery and effective communication

Nice To Have

It'd be awesome if the elevator pitches could be specific to the group we're in front of. For example, we pitch in front of family foundations different than we would if in front of a school board. We also would need a completely different approach while at a networking event at a after work bar versus if we were at a sit-down training event next to the CEO of Intel.

How This Will Help

Over the previous few years, we've had several opportunities to share our story with funders, schools, parents, businesses, etc. However, we know that it isn't compelling enough to resonate with any of the groups except for those that know (intuitively) what the issues are. This project will help us to have an impactful start in dialogue when someone asks "What do you do?" or "What is The Village Method".

What We Have In Place

We currently have tons of material and words which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have brochures, videos, website and the ability to provide any other information you need.

Fun Fact

We're a grassroots community based organization that started with 30 youth and families and now have over 100 in our program So something is going right however if we're going to attract engage and retain the folks that will donate and invest then we need your help to tighten pitch!

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

  • Prep: Initial Dialogue
    • Volunteer Manager shares with the Professional background information on who they are, message they want to deliver, who the target audience is, and the outcome they wish to accomplish
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager decide on areas to focus on
  • Milestone 1: Elevator Pitch Draft
    • Professional shares first draft of Elevator Pitch with Volunteer Manager
    • Volunteer Manager gives feedback with comments and questions
    • Professional incorporates feedback and delivers final draft of elevator pitch
  • Milestone 2: Final Draft and Learnings
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss how to modify message for different audiences
    • Volunteer Manager practices elevator pitch
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Experience in sales and crafting elevator pitches
Prerequisites for Organization
  • Comprehensive information you can share about who you are as an Organization and what you do
  • Clarity on what your ask will be

Our Mission

To develop a sustainable academic pipeline for underserved (K-16) youth of African ancestry and engage families in the work of building our community.

What We Do

We foster an environment of academic excellence, cultivate parent leadership, sponsor community engagement, promote healthy living and advocate for socio-economic mobility.

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