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By Ali O.

Communications Manager

Posted Jan 11, 2018

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Jan 16, 2018

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Eduardo S.

What We'd Like To Talk About

We are using the plugin Seamless Donations to collect donations on our website. I would love some help with using CSS to style the form that is already active on our donate page.

Additional Context

Here is our current donation page:

We are running a Wordpress website with the Inovado theme installed.

  • Estimated Time: 1 hour
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Our Mission

Good healthcare is essential to every aspect of daily life. Without it, we cannot be productive workers, contented citizens, or supportive parents. And yet, billions wake up every morning without access to a medical system capable of healing and curing them simply because of where they live. Global Healing exists because no one should suffer when sustainable medical solutions exist.

What We Do

We strengthen health care systems in low and middle income countries to enable transformative change in the quality of and access to health care. We do this by working with local governments, private businesses, individual volunteers and many other stakeholders to produce a program that is sustainable financially and operationally in the long-term. Global Healing is a leading international nonprofit in the fields of blood safety, maternal and child health, and ancillary services.

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It was great working with Eduardo. He took the time to research my question and share his insights, putting me on the path to independently customizing the CSS for our donate page. He even followed up with helpful resources after our call and offered his expertise moving forward.
Ali Oligny
Ali O.

Project Manager

Website Phone Call

Ali was very nice to work with, as well as a fast learner. The task wasn’t complicated, so there was time to guide her through the steps necessary to solve the problem and to share the basic set of skills needed for future autonomy on similar issues.
Eduardo Sguerra
Eduardo S.