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Data & Analytics Call

Help WhoWhatWhy by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their data and analytics needs.
New York, NY, USA
Data Analysis

Posted October 31st

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Data & Analytics Call

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What We'd Like To Talk About
Project topic
We’re looking for a Salesforce guru to teach us how to conduct research on “best practices” ideas and solutions.
Additional Context

We're a deep-digging, thoughtful, nonprofit, commercial-free news organization that operates on a lean budget and with a dedicated group of highly skilled and motivated volunteers. We are looking to build our major donor fundraising development operation and would like to speak with those who are interested in helping us figure out the best way forward.

"Phone Calls" are 1 hour, one-time calls with an organization. Learn the difference between volunteering on a Phone Call and a Project here.

About The Org

Posted by
Russ B.

Editor-in-Chief and CEO

Our Mission

Provide the public with crucial information not normally unearthed or delivered by conventional media. We cover stories and angles others cannot or will not, with intelligence, honesty, and a hunger to know. We believe that the public has the right to the truth, that the truth changes minds--and that when you change minds, you change everything.

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