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This project will save us $11,198 , allowing us to organise a three days seminar of teaching fifty vulnerable women how to create small businesses in order to increase their financial status and for their well beeing.

What We Need

  • A written summary of the Organization's marketing goals and target audiences
  • A list of key marketing channels that will yield the highest return on investment, with rationale
  • Specific tactics the Organization can use to leverage the identified marketing channels
  • Messaging guidelines for the channels identified, including specific key messages (if needed)
  • A summary of the key metrics for evaluating marketing effectiveness, and guidance on how to track metrics over time

How This Will Help

the organisation is implementing many projects such as sexual reproductive health, peace and reconciliation, self help groups, street business and so forth that are beneficial to the community . However, the awareness of our activities are not emphasized. Therefore, this project will help in reaching out the maximum of our target audience in different parts of the world by using different strategies and channels. Those strategies will help to attract donners to support our different activities.

What We Have In Place

we already have beneficiaries of our projects; we have monthly and annual reports of the outcome of the implementation of our different projects, we have different videos and pictures that witness different activities .

Fun Fact

The organisation likes to work with vulnerable community by teaching them how to overcome poverty. We are a based community organisation.

  • Estimated Time
    Volunteers: 30-50 hours over 8 - 10 weeks
    Organizations: 5-8 hours
  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)
  • Requirements: This project requires a short interview with the organization. If your application is accepted, you'll receive an email from Catchafire with instructions to schedule a call.

Project Steps

  • Prep: Project goals, timeline, and process established and initial information distributed
    • Volunteer Manager outlines any current marketing activities and strategies
    • Volunteer Manager shares any existing marketing materials
    • Professional connects with the Volunteer Manager for a brainstorming/overview session, to discuss goals, target audiences, and existing activities/materials
    • Professional and Volunteer Manager outline next steps and timeline for the project
  • Milestone 1: Marketing channels are identified:
    • Professional conducts research and analysis to determine the channels that the Organization should be using, and shares the information with the Volunteer Manager
    • Volunteer Manager provides feedback to the Professional on the channels identified
    • Professional incorporates Volunteer Manager’s feedback and finalizes channels
  • Milestone 2: Finalized Marketing Strategy is delivered to the Organization:
    • Professional drafts tactics and messaging guidelines for the different channels, and shares the information with the Volunteer Manager
    • Volunteer Manager provides feedback to the Professional on the draft
    • Professional creates metrics that the Organization can use to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing
    • Volunteer Manager provides feedback to the Professional on the metrics
    • Professional incorporates Volunteer Manager’s feedback and delivers a final draft of the Marketing Strategy
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Experience in marketing strategy, brand management, market research, or a related field
Prerequisites for Organization
  • Clear goals for your marketing efforts, and an understanding of the audiences you want to target
  • An understanding of the staff capacity and budget (if any) that you can dedicate to marketing
  • Clear brand messaging in place that can be used in your marketing
  • Staff member ready to prioritize this project

Our Mission

To work for the promotion of social justice and the integral development centered on the family.