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Help Covenant House PA assess whether or not their current website is optimally supporting its mission and goals, and outline the scope for needed changes and improvements.
Covenant House PA
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Covenant House PA
Philadelphia, PA, USA


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Posted April 17th

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Project details

What we need
  • Feedback on the current website’s layout, user functionality, mobile-friendliness, visual design, content, and other key features
  • Clear articulation of the Organization’s goals for the website
  • Recommendations for improvements to help achieve the Organization’s desired goals
  • Note: If you are looking for a more specific, in-depth audit of your website's design and usability, try our Website Usability Audit project
Additional details

Looking for a skilled volunteer to audit our website for user experience, SEO, performance, security, and accessibility. Responsibilities include conducting the audit, providing detailed reports, and collaborating on implementation. Ideal candidates have experience in website audits, UX/UI, SEO, and analytics tools. Remote position requiring strong analytical and communication skills. Join us in improving our online presence!

What we have in place
  • We currently lack dedicated staff for website maintenance. Your audit insights are crucial. We will provide responsive support, assist in implementing recommendations, and collaborate closely with you.
How this will help
This project will save us $4,762 , allowing us to provide strollers, formula and nursing supplies to young moms experiencing homelessness.

Your website audit will help us transform our nonprofit's online impact: fixing issues, improving UX, boosting SEO, ensuring accessibility, engaging donors/volunteers, enhancing security, and guiding data-driven decisions.

Together, we can make our digital presence impactful and inclusive. Your support help us to reach more people and do more good as we work to end youth homelessness.

Project plan

Prep: Goal Setting
  • Volunteer Manager provides overview of current website and any past analysis
  • Professional connects with Volunteer Manager for a brainstorming/overview session and gathers information on the Organization’s goals, target audiences and desired functionality or uses of the website
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager outline next steps and timeline for the project
  • Both parties review our pro-tips for Organizations and Volunteers to ensure the project is set up for success
Milestone 1: Initial Review & Feedback
  • Professional reviews current website pages, site map, any past statistical research into site performance and available traffic data
  • Professional analyzes current site layout, visuals and content, and delivers a draft document detailing the strategies, objectives and recommended tactics for proposed changes to the website
  • Volunteer Manager reviews draft and provides feedback to the Professional
Milestone 2: Final Website Audit
  • Professional delivers final strategy to the Organization after incorporating feedback, and provides recommendations for future overhaul or redesign efforts, based on staff capacity and budget
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About the org

Covenant House PA
Our mission

Covenant House Pennsylvania builds a bridge to hope for youth experiencing homelessness and survivors of trafficking through unconditional love, absolute respect, and relentless support. Our doors are open 24/7 in 3 locations in Pennsylvania and our high-quality programs are designed to empower young people to rise and overcome adversity, today and in the future.


Working with Sofia on our website audit was fantastic! Her expertise and dedication shone through every step of the process. Not only did she deliver a comprehensive analysis of our website, but also provided clear, thorough, and actionable outputs that will enhance our digital strategy. From pinpointing areas of improvement to highlighting strengths we didn't even realize we had, Sofia left no stone unturned. Her insights were invaluable in helping us understand where we stand in terms of user experience, SEO, and overall effectiveness. What truly set her apart, however, is the ability to communicate complex technical ideas in a way that's accessible. Her guidance didn't just end with the audit report; she took the time to explain her findings and recommendations, develop mock-ups of what the site could look like, and provided tools for implementation-- empowering us to take meaningful action. We're now equipped with a clear roadmap for success. I can't recommend her services highly enough to any organization looking to elevate their online presence!
Alexia C.

Volunteer manager

Website Audit Project

Working with Alexia to support Covenant House Pennsylvania has been an absolute pleasure. I felt honoured to contribute to their website audit, providing valuable insights into accessibility, usability, and more. I'm very grateful for your trust and opportunity. I look forward to future opportunities to work together again!
Sofia P.
Sofia P.


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