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Help Bellingham Queer Collective to plan the logistics of their event, including run of show, tech requirements, and any additional needs.
Bellingham Queer Collective
Jayapura City, PA, USA
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Bellingham Queer Collective
Jayapura City, PA, USA


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Posted February 23rd

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Project details

What we need
  • 3-5 one hour consulting sessions covering topics like run of show, tech requirements, menu planning, etc.
  • Written summary and/or notes on plans and best practices for topics discussed (e.g., a document outlining the sequence timing, content, logistics, and programming for an upcoming event)
Additional details

Saturday, October 19, 2024
Bellingham Erotic Ball "Friendraising" event to build community and raise funds.

We held our first Ball last October 2023 and it was a success but we need tools to organize and plan better for next year. We expect 450 guests, we will do a hotel takeover and expand the event to cover Friday night through Sunday Brunch this year. We need a timeline/critical path kinds of tools to help coordinate the 12 or more volunteers that will be the leads.

What we have in place
  • We currently have held this event once so we know what we are planning for, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have A budget to hire support if needed: an event coordinator, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How this will help
This project will save us $1,792 , allowing us to Continue to grow as a new nonprofit without substantial funding or grants yet. We have a bank balance of under $10,000 and are now fundraising for an annual budget of $250,000.

We are a new nonprofit and will rely on 3 large scale events to serve as community builders and fundraisers. We need to set up spreadsheet and document tools to help us with planning, budgeting and marketing. We have already hosted two of the events so now we know what we need and have a plenty of lead time to get organized and train our volunteer leaders.

Project plan

Prep: Information Sharing & Goal Setting
  • Professional connects with Volunteer Manager for brainstorming/overview session, to discuss goals, general concept and existing resources, including context about past events, if applicable
  • Volunteer Manager introduces staff and/or volunteers available to help with event planning and execution
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager outline next steps and timeline for sessions
Milestone 1: Planning Sessions
  • 3-5 calls with event professional and non-profit team to review goal of event and how logistics can support that goal
  • [Suggested Session] Session to discuss or offer feedback on run of show
  • [Suggested Session] Session to discuss or offer feedback on tech requirements
  • [Suggested Session] Session to discuss or offer feedback on floorplan and menu plan
Milestone 2: Next Steps
  • Professional provides Volunteer Manager with summary of sessions and suggestions for how to update as project evolves
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