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Urban Community AgriNomics (UCAN)
Durham, NC, USA
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Urban Community AgriNomics (UCAN)
Durham, NC, USA


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Posted February 11th

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What we'd like to talk about

I'd like some help creating a structured pay scale rubric. Develop a base pay and raise strategy for staff based on education, experience, level of responsibility and tenure with the organization.

Additional context

We are going from four employees working F/T with less than a part time salary. Payroll in 2023 was 61k now 2024 seven with $267,880. Both payrolls included the Executive Director.

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About the org

Urban Community AgriNomics (UCAN)
Our mission

Urban Community AgriNomics' (UCAN) mission is to reduce food insecurity, reduce and reverse preventable health issues, increase academic success, and increase exposure to career opportunities in the field of agriculture. UCAN focus is to improve the health and wellbeing of our community by providing education and trainings on healthy lifestyles, seed-to-table food preparation and preservation, hands on STEAM and organic agriculture. We empower families and individuals with access to resources to grow their own healthy food using sustainable practices, in a supportive environment.
Our work is manifested through a lens of diversity, inclusion, environmental and social justice.


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