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Chitown Champions
Chicago, IL, USA
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Chitown Champions
Chicago, IL, USA


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Posted February 1st

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I'd like feedback on preparing for bios project. Would like help with best practices for head shots and information we need to get that project going

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About the org

Chitown Champions
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Roger F.

Exective Director

Our mission

Affectionately known as a Leadership Program disguised as a Tumbling Team, our mission is to use the fun of tumbling and the focus of competition as catalysts to empower and develop tomorrow's leaders.

Our positive coaching and mentoring engages, inspires and taps inner greatness to develop young Champions who are equipped to overcome their fears and excel in the gym, in school, and in life.


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It was great speaking with Roger! Excited to continue working with him and supporting his mission.
Caerina C.
Caerina C.


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