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Help DC Justice Lab by speaking with them over a few sessions on how to lead their team through major changes and organizational disruptions.
DC Justice Lab
Washington, DC, USA
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DC Justice Lab
Washington, DC, USA


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Posted January 28th

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Project details

What we need
  • Up to 6 coaching sessions with a staff member
  • Initial assessment of areas of strength, target(s) for improvement, and area(s) of focus for coaching sessions
  • A foundation for process and best practices when confronting change
  • Wrap-up session with actionable steps and advice for moving forward through change
Additional details

As our organization heads toward a significant structural change, I'd like to be coached on how best to manage the staff to ensure a smooth and efficient restructuring.

What we have in place
  • We currently have a current and prospective organizational chart, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have additional HR and org management resources, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How this will help
This project will save us $5,620 , allowing us to support our staff with planned appreciation and wellness perks.

There is an evident need at this time to remind our staff of their roles and the importance of meeting their duties and responsibilities. We're shifting to a co-management structure, and there are staff who have demonstrated that they will require extra attention to adjust to the change.

Project plan

Milestone 1: Initial Assessment
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss current or upcoming change(s) to the Organization
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager decide on specific areas to focus on and goals for coaching sessions
  • Professional communicates if feedback from other members of the Organization will be necessary and how to gather it, if applicable
  • Professional previews coaching experience for Volunteer Manager
Milestone 2: Coaching Sessions
  • In-depth discussions may include issues such as strategy and goal-setting, messaging, personnel management, and board management through change
  • Meetings with other members of the Organization, participation in larger strategy meetings, etc. may be necessary
Milestone 3: Wrap-up and Learnings
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional evaluate lessons learned and progress made
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss areas and actionable items to focus on going forward
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DC Justice Lab
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Mackenzie E.

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Our mission

DC Justice Lab is a team of law and policy experts researching, organizing, and advocating for large-scale changes to the District of Columbia's criminal legal system. We develop smarter safety solutions that are evidence-driven, community-rooted, and racially just. We aim to fully transform the District's approach to public safety and make it a national leader in justice reform.

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