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Brooklyn, NY, USA


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Posted May 25th

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What We Need
  • A customized WordPress blog that meets the organization’s communication needs
  • Training/instructions on how to publish new content and manage the blog
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    This project will save us $4,000 , allowing us to

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    About The Org

    Posted by
    Elliott A.

    Founder & Executive Director

    Our Mission

    ArtSee vehicles are the first of their kind of mobile art platforms bringing art, performances, vidoes, lectures, & more around urban & underserved areas. The first ArtSee vehicle is being designed by a collaboration of leading architects and designers and will change shape and size. Our vision is to be an open platform receiving ideas from artists and professionals, limited only by the imagination of its participants.

    The ArtSee project has become a national symbol for the arts and education.

    What We Do

    Mister ArtSee began as a vintage ice-cream vehicle - completely transformed into a wondrous mobile arts laboratory traveling city streets, hosting a wide array of engaging multimedia art projects: installations, sound-pieces, performances, puppet-shows, paintings, sculptures, photographs , videos, workshops, and more. Mister ArtSee is both a work of art and space for art. The multifaceted, fully customized, phantasmagoric design seeks to achieve maximum versatility and world class artistry thus fulfilling the vision of bringing information, art, and art education throughout the area, especially underserved neighborhoods, schools, playgrounds, parks and public spaces.

    Mister ArtSee's mission is both simple and vital: to provide a new way to experience art; to bring art, art awareness and art-education to people of all ages while providing a new venue for artists to explore. Mister ArtSee brings art experiences to neighborhoods, venues and populations not typically served by traditional art institutions. Liberated from such institutions, it transcends cultural boundaries - be they economic, ethnic or geographic.

    Mister ArtSee has an artistic, intellectual, communal and social impact. It inspires both artists and viewers to rethink conventional forms, spaces and institutional practices. Indeed, Mister Artsee redefines traditional notions of the "art community" by going where no gallery or museum can, gaining access to people and places not typically included in that community. This enables the project to have a broad social effect. For Mister ArtSee, the art world is boundless, art's reach infinite.

    Mister ArtSee is a full-service, super-efficient, self-sufficient, multipurpose art-mobile, whose possibilities are limited only by the imagination of its participants. We invite you to come along.


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