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Leah Willis Dance Arts
Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Leah Willis Dance Arts
Las Vegas, NV, USA


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Posted November 20th

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I'd like to brainstorm ideas for a fundraising plan focused on individual donor strategies for our small arts and humanities nonprofit.

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About the org

Leah Willis Dance Arts
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Leah W.

Volunteer manager

Our mission

Our Mission is to positively impact our community for families of color, as well as families from a multitude cultural backgrounds through diverse exposure to the world of Dance in 7 different Dance Disciplines, and by functionally combining Academic Learning, Career/Life Skills Competency, Nutritional Research and wellness practices, and Service Learning.
Our programs rectify three major issues:
-Reverse the school drop out rates among teens and remedy learning disabilities/deficiencies
-Eliminate childhood and adolescent obesity through Agricultural/Nutritional Research and Entrepreneurial Self Sufficiency
-Provide jobs and internships to high school youth, college students and adults.


Loli is certainly a professional in her field. She not only saved our organization a great amount of time and money, but her concise, comprehensive and caring expertise and advise has breathed new life into our nonprofit. She really helped me to pave a clearer path forward for the next phase in the journey of our organization and programs. I am so grateful to have met Loli. I highly recommend her!
Leah W.

Volunteer manager

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