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Help Hope Enterprise Inc by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their finance needs.
Hope Enterprise Inc
Wichita, KS, USA
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Hope Enterprise Inc
Wichita, KS, USA


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Posted November 15th

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I been help with finding and employing grant writers and application writers.

"Phone calls" are 1 hour, one-time calls with an organization. Learn the difference between volunteering on a Phone call and a Project here.

About the org

Hope Enterprise Inc
Our mission

To administer various affordable housing programs & provide services to help low-to-moderate-income residents break the cycles of poverty.

Because of increased housing costs, nearly one-third of households in the United States face paying either at least 30 percent of their income for housing cost or at least half of their income on housing cost. The importance of advocating for home affordability for homeowners and renters cannot be overstated.

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