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American ME and CFS Society
Whately, MA, USA
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American ME and CFS Society
Whately, MA, USA


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Posted January 15th

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I am launching a website with four databases, logins, and various forms (e.g. donations, join us). How do the main CMS website and databases interact?

Additional Context

I have only the vaguest of knowledge of how complex websites work. The website I am planning is for a national nonprofit. It needs a library for articles and abstracts, databases for volunteers, support groups, treatments, finding physicians. It also needs to support emails, logins. How does all this work?

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American ME and CFS Society
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable information to patients, caregivers, and professionals. We seek to represent the patient voice, to channel patient perspectives to government agencies, committees and initiatives, and through regional and local groups, provide a platform where they can exchange information and viewpoints. We support advocacy efforts to increase funding for research to identify a biomarker and find a cure for this devastating disease.


Thomas was knowledgeable and very helpful. He explained website development to me in terms I could understand. (And he answered ALL of my questions.) I can now go ahead with developing my website. I highly recommend Thomas!
Erica Verrillo
Erica V.

Executive Director

Website Phone Call

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