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Mission Possible
Mount Prospect, IL, USA
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Mission Possible
Mount Prospect, IL, USA


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Posted January 15th

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We have specific challenges with our donation and newsletter pages. We need to ask questions on ideas to improve these things quickly while we are updating our website.

Additional Context

Our website is and we use the Drupal platform.

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About The Org

Mission Possible
Posted by
Addie M.

Mission Possible US Coordinator

Our Mission

Our mission it to to equip local Christians in Eastern Europe to more effectively reach suffering and searching people and to bring them the Gospel message, biblical teaching, and physical and social help.

What We Do

40 years working with children and families in crisis situations in Eastern Europe.
100's of children fed on the streets every year in Russia.
400+ Gypsy children fed at soup kitchens everyday during winter in Bulgaria
250 children living in our shelter homes in Russia and Ukraine
900 children and families attending classes and bible clubs in Albania
100+ teens and adults going through our drug rehabilitation programs in Russia.
200+ local volunteers working in Russia, Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine and Moldova.


Thank you, Thomas, you gave us some great suggestions which we will be implementing.
Addie Murphy
Addie M.

Mission Possible US Coordinator

Website Phone Call

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