Elevator Pitch Coaching

Help Smalltimore Homes win over new donors and supporters with a refined 60-second pitch that covers the essential information about their work and includes a request for support.
Smalltimore Homes
Baltimore, MD, USA
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Smalltimore Homes
Baltimore, MD, USA


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Posted September 11th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • Document outlining feedback on pitch delivery with suggested next steps and/or resources
  • A script for a 1-minute verbal pitch that communicates your Organization's mission, work, and why people should care
Additional Details

I want to make sure that my pitch is attractive to corporate partners

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have mission, vision, values, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have a website, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $2,397 , allowing us to continue to provide resources and services to the community

I need to expand my donor base and am ready to explore partnerships with corporate entities for the benefit of the unhoused in Baltimore.

Project Plan

Prep: Initial Assessment & Goal Setting
  • Volunteer Manager provides the Professional with information about the goals of your pitch and target audience
  • If applicable, the Volunteer Manager shares existing version(s) of Organization’s pitch
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager decide on specific areas to focus on and goals for coaching sessions
Milestone 1: Brainstorm & Coaching Plan Draft
  • Professional shares first draft of elevator pitch with Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer Manager gives feedback with comments and questions, with focus on target audience and goals of ask
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager agree on/set dates for coaching sessions, as well as any preparatory work required
Milestone 2: Coaching Session
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager connect up to 3 times to practice and tailor presentation for a specific audience
  • Professional begins to draft a document with feedback and next steps for the Volunteer Manager
Milestone 3: Wrap-up Session
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager meet for a wrap-up session to review the final pitch
  • Professional presents a written document with pitch feedback that can be shared with other team members moving forward
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About The Org

Smalltimore Homes
Our Mission

The mission of Smalltimore Homes is to provide those living below the poverty level, specifically those experiencing homelessness, with micro shelter and tiny home solutions. Through partnerships, the villagers are provided supportive wrap around services and renewable energy sources, both made available as onsite amenities. Smalltimore's housing programs and outreach activities are the catalysts to engage supportive and curious volunteers, while also helping the most vulnerable members of our communities on a trajectory to reach their goals and fulfill their potential.

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