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Aspire Institute Inc
Cambridge, MA, USA
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Aspire Institute Inc
Cambridge, MA, USA


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Posted September 5th

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What We'd Like To Talk About

I'm looking for advise in setting up Discord for 2500 small group conversations over a week. This should be done in a way that Staff, do not have to schedule each meeting or register each participant.

Additional Context

We are trying to use Discord to support our program's need for a space for 25,000 participants to have small group meetings. The issues I'd like to discuss is text channels, audio/video channels, bulk account and role creation, supporting participants in self organizing meetings at time that are convenient. This may include bots and the Discord API.

Please have expert level experience with setting up Discord for use with large communities. When you respond please let us know the size of the largest Discord Server you have personally worked on. Thanks.

Looking forward to a conversation.

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About The Org

Aspire Institute Inc
Our Mission

Aspire Institute's mission is to transform the lives of low-income, first-generation college students around the world, at scale, through a fully funded leadership development program that enables participants to make a positive impact in all aspects of human endeavor.

What We Do

We provide an array of leadership development and educational resources delivered by Harvard and world-class faculty.

Personal and professional development opportunities include self-assessment tools and live seminars on a variety of topics, from human rights to architecture to medicine. Career development opportunities include support with your LinkedIn profile, resume, and more as well as mentorship by Harvard Business School alumni and seasoned professionals.

Aspire Institute supports youth around the world in defining their academic and professional futures, fostering success through locally harnessed aspirational narratives.

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