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Saint Paul, MN, USA
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Saint Paul, MN, USA


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Posted August 2nd

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What We'd Like To Talk About

I'd like strategic advice on where to place funds as part of an operating reserve. My org has all its funds in one bank, and it exceeds FDIC limits. I'd like ideas on what options we could consider.

Additional Context

Our extra funds sit in a savings account in our primary bank. We also have a small Board Reserve with a different institution. We could just move money to this account, but I'm not sure what other options we should consider before doing so, particularly whether we should consider investing some of our reserve.

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About The Org

Posted by
Ryan F.

Executive Director

Our Mission

RECLAIM's mission is to increase access to mental health care for queer and trans youth so they may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms.

What We Do

RECLAIM provides financially accessible, specialized mental health care to queer and trans youth ages 12-25 and their families.

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