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Amid a housing crisis, nonprofits are giving it their all

Traditional grantmaking solutions only scratch the surface of support for housing nonprofits. Download the report to learn the tools and tactics innovative grantmakers are utilizing in response. 

Cover of Housing Report 'Amid a housing crisis, nonprofits are giving it their all'

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Communities have experienced a combination of unemployment, inflation, and instability in the housing market — making it impossible for traditional grantmaking to fully provide for the needs of housing nonprofits.

There is pragmatic action philanthropy and grantmakers can take to address this crisis. We've identified gaps in funding where traditional grantmaking is leaving support for nonprofits on the table.

  • How philanthropy and companies can address the housing crisis with smart investment
  • Data about the top nonprofit needs and communities served
  • Solutions to source and support more nonprofits providing direct housing services to communities

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Housing is a human right, yet approximately half a million people in the U.S. suffer from homelessness and housing insecurity. Nonprofits are giving it their all, and bear the weight of providing for the homeless, educating first time home-buyers, and putting people into homes.