Board Member Search Strategy

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Completed on Feb. 12, 2013


Scott M.
Strategic planning & leadership development


Manna Project International (MPI) is looking to conduct a strategic board expansion/revamp as it transitions into its next stage of growth. Currently, MPI has a six-member board, including the Executive Director, all of whom are young professionals and all of whom were formerly involved with MPI as volunteers/staff. While MPI does need to increase the fundraising capacity of its board, it also needs strategic leadership to help it continue its international and domestic expansion and continue its transition from a startup organization to a leader in the youth-led international development field.

We are looking for a professional who can help us construct a framework for conducting this expansion/search, including identifying organizational leadership needs/leadership priorities, assessing current strengths and weaknesses, formulating an ideal board size/composition, and both helping identify potential candidates and advising staff and board leadership about how to conduct such outreach themselves.

If you have any additional questions about MPI and/or this project, please don't hesitate to ask.


A document outlining a board member search strategy that may include:

  • A description of an ideal board structure and the ideal roles to be filled

  • A guide that maps board roles to strategic goals

  • A board candidate evaluation guide

  • At least one prospect for each board seat to be filled

  • Biographies of each potential board member

  • Contact information for each potential board member

  • Analysis of the value of each potential board member

  • Possible conflicts of interest for each potential board member



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