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Pitch Deck Intensive

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This project will save us $3,750 , allowing us to

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What We Need
  • The opportunity to transform a member of your Executive Team into a highly skilled and confident public speaker, fundraiser and spokesperson for your organization.
  • 5-6 coaching sessions between Professional and a member of your Executive Team including feedback on current delivery style, tips and rehearsals for more effective approaches and advice on current content as it relates to specific audiences.
  • Help gracefully integrating the use of a Power Point into the overall presentation.
  • A detailed “Best Practices” report covering the above that Executive can use going forward.
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    About The Org

    Our Mission

    Artreach's mission is to use the creative arts to support sustainable recovery from psychiatric disorders.  We provide theater, music, creative arts, alternative wellness, and recreational opportunities.  These activities enhance the quality of our members' lives and teach skills that help them  achieve & sustain recovery after experiencing mental health issues.  Artreach deeply believes that Creativity Heals.

    What We Do

    Artreach, Inc. has several programs, all which share the mission of providing services to support sustainable recovery for adults with mental illnesses.

    The Second Step Players, one of the country's first Applied Theater troupes, features actors who are in recovery from psychiatric disorders. They create and perform socially conscious sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, and musical parodies from their own mental health histories. Their delightful stigma-busting variety shows enlighten and stimulate discussion on the often taboo topic of mental illness and recovery. The Players have been ambassadors in community education and advocacy since 1985. They tour nationally to spread the word that Recovery Happens, and Creativity Heals.

    Artistic Skills Building classes help individuals connect with their unique form of creativity, and learn to use that creativity to support their recovery. Classes include creative writing, poetry writing, songwriting, beginning and intermediate guitar lessons, drawing, painting, creating mosaics, vision boarding, etc.

    Our Community Theater Liaison program supports program members to audition for community theaters, and as an incentive to the community theater, provides technical crew, stage management, and house crew for the performances. Artreach members who are not acting attend these community performances in support of their fellow program members. New pathways to integration and acceptance in the community have been forming rapidly.

    Wellness Program includes trainings in Mindfulness meditation for stress reduction, Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Walking Club, and African Dance. Statistics show that people with mental illnesses die on average 25 years sooner than others. Thus, sustaining physical health is an integral component of recovery.

    Recreational Program includes trips to ball games, concerts, billiards, and pottery making.


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