Branding Tune Up

Project Canceled


Delta Citizens Alliance recently completed various organizational capacity building exercises that included a revision of our mission, by-laws, and programmatic emphasis. However, board members, staff, investors and members still indicate confusion as to what we do and exactly who we are. We need to resolve this confusion by developing a succinct brand identity that integrates our organization's unique history, character and vision while also providing us a distinctive avenue towards long-term sustainability.

This branding tune-up project will allow you the opportunity to utilize your creative marketing expertise to help propel a dynamic social enterprise to new heights by helping us to connect our mission, vision, and marketing messages into a coherent yet compelling brand image. You will truly help to maximize the marketability of a very unique regional non-profit enterprise since we will integrate this brand message into our short-term and long-term marketing, social media, donor investments, and membership recruitment objectives. For this project, you will work directly with the Executive Director, with assistance provided by the Operations Manager. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of up to 10 pages of your existing Brand Messaging including personality and vision, values and differentiators that set the Organization apart.
  • Updated recommendations for Brand Messaging that enforce a consistent, wide-ranging application of Organization's brand identity.


    We'll send your friend an email, inviting them to join you on this project. If they accept, they'll be listed on the project's summary page as a contributor