Brand Messaging

Project Canceled

BIOCOM Institute

Kristie G.
Executive Director


At the Institute we are working with such a diverse audience (K-"Grey"), and with so many pioneering programs that help the community, however our corporate identity is hard to pinpoint.

We are at the stage where our initiatives are becoming programs of national interest and we will be able to extend our reach and exponentially help people. Ultimately an educated workforce saves lives and preserves our environment, allowing our community to prosper.

Since what we do is so intricate- I think that our brand must be the opposite: deconstructed and simple.

We would like help messaging the impactful and varied work we do in a way that is compelling, concise, and easily understood!

Here is a taste of what you will have to work with!

Values: Creativity, Advancement, Passion, Energy
Mission: Educate and cultivate the science and technology pipeline to promote innovation, job creation and economic growth.
Vision: Constantly evolving resources to meet industry needs.
Tagline: Elevating Disruptive Creativity
Philosophy: We think differently
Audience: K- "Grey"


A 3-6 page brand messaging document that articulates an organization's personality and vision. This document will include recommendations for messaging that enforce a consistent, wide-ranging application of the organization's brand identity.

The brand messaging document will include the following:

  • A core brand positioning statement that communicates the values and key differentiators that define the organization’s brand, vision and work
  • A short tagline that can be used in emails and public communication
  • 4-5 supporting statements that build upon the positioning statement with more details and may be targeted towards specific audiences
  • 4-5 recommendations on how to communicate brand messaging in every day activities (email, elevator pitch, etc.)


    We'll send your friend an email, inviting them to join you on this project. If they accept, they'll be listed on the project's summary page as a contributor