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ChallengeWave is focused on improving the health and well-being of Americans through innovative technology. ChallengeWave is really good at helping organizations form social collaboration and friendly competitions around healthy campaigns. Organizations use ChallengeWave to organize and administer structured campaigns for population health improvement.

For our Press Kit and Distribution project, we'd like professional help in getting the word out about our successes. We've worked with School System employees on a pro-bono basis to help organize successful healthy campaigns and would like these accomplishments to be picked up by local press. We've also put in good work with municipality agencies who would appreciate positive press about their organization. We need a game plan and play book we can follow to promote our successes in local and regional press outlets.


  • A print & electronic press kit for your organizations, which generally includes the following: Mission & Vision, historical information about your organization, biographies of senior staff, fact sheet, logo design, supplementary multimedia such as a promotional video, and any major press releases
  • Press release template
  • Recommendations on how to build relationships with the media



We'll send your friend an email, inviting them to join you on this project. If they accept, they'll be listed on the project's summary page as a contributor