Motion Graphics Video

Project Canceled


The Resilience Advocacy Project (RAP) empowers youth to become leaders in the fight to end poverty. We emphasize youth-led social action because we believe that by giving youth the tools to change their lives and communities, we simultaneously facilitate positive social change AND build lifelong confidence and leadership skills in our youth.

Although our work translates the fuzzy concept of resilience into actual life-changing outcomes for the youth and communities that we serve, we have not been good at boiling out impact down to it's most compelling core messages and examples. That is why we're looking for a motion graphic video!

We would like a short motion graphics video that helps tell the story about how our concrete work leads to increase resilience in low-income teens and their communities. We plan to post the video on our website, and use it as part of our promotional package.

We hope to use the video to get more people excited about, and invested in, our work as we prepare to expand our work from NYC nationally.


  • A 1 - 3 minute motion graphics video delivered in electronic format, with HD quality as a master version, along with any agreed upon formats for final usage (no more than 3 formats).
  • Training/instructions on how to play, embed, and use the video.


    We'll send your friend an email, inviting them to join you on this project. If they accept, they'll be listed on the project's summary page as a contributor